An interactive ecosystem through quality digital art and technology.
Your Elephantopian NFT will iterate from 2D PFP to fully functional 3D animatable character within 12 months.  Our team is not only creating avatars but creating experiences and places for them to inhabit, interact and grow.


‍A community of artists, art lovers, musicians, groupies, gamers and crypto frenzthrough regular online chats and AMAs. 


As a tribe, curating and shaping Elephantopia to best represent the community.


By challenging ourselves and each other in online games and competitions, pushing the boundaries of the online experience.

02/22 - Launch of Elephantopia, Socials, and Pre-registration.

03/22 - OpenSea Auction of the first 15, 1/1 Bespoke Inkees Trunkets.

04/22 - Second Mint of 15/30 Bespoke Inkees Trunkets.

05/22 - Giveaway of 8 Bespoke Inkees Trunkets of your chosen design.

05/22 - New mint 888 Generative 2D Inkees Tribe Trunkets.

06/22 - Staking of 2D Trunkets to earn $TOOTS/Day. Spend $TOOTS on utilities to add value to your NFT eg. Access to metaverse in-game experiences, river boat racing and upgrade to a fully 3D Trunket to strut across the metaverse in any way you wish.

08/22 - Alpha Launch of Elephantopia Racing for Tribal DAO members and invitation to The Ivory Bar for special gatherings and Tribal meetings.

10/22 - Upgrades available for Trunkets to bespoke 3D emotes

11/22 - Public launch of Elephantopia Racing.

01/23 - First animated episode of Elephantopia with tribe curated storyline.

Elephantopia will launch with a limited run of 38 ICON INKEES.
These INKEES are hand drawn by our resident artist Midas.

These INKEES are bespoke icon-based art or in Elephantopia speak 'TRUNKETS'.

This first round of ICON INKEES will be the most prized and privileged. Each of these highly coveted TRUNKETS will give its owner the option of joining the Tribal DAO, taking an active role in shaping Elephantopia as we begin construction.

TRUNKET holders and Discord champions will be eligible to win one of eight hand drawn bespoke INKEES TRUNKET.
The Elephantopia team will create this to your brief. Yes, your own custom designed INKEE!

We have created our own utility tokens ($TOOTS) which can be used to participate, build, accessorize, and trade in the future with the Elephantopia NFT breeding programme. It will be utilised as a play-to-earn reward.

We will be donating 25% of the money
raised from ICON INKEE Auctions to the


We want to guarantee that your voice will be heard and will make a difference. As established content creators we are dedicated to all investing in our NFT projects and players that dive into our world of play.

Elephantopia will hold regular open discussions for Tribe Members via Discord and virtual meetings so holders can join in and have their say on ways to increase the longevity of their investment, shape future projects and
to improve the
Elephantopia tribe.

Phase 2 sees the minting of 888 generative 2D TRUNKETS. These represent the 4 bloodlines of Elephantopia. Each will inherit a bloodline trait that will influence future experiences. 

Holders of 2 or more TRUNKETS will have the opportunity to breed with other bloodlines producing "airdropped" offspring.

‍‍In future expansions there will be trade franchises available to purchase with your $TOOTS tokens. By purchasing a timber yard, grocery, construction, or sanitation franchise you will guarantee future income as more TRUNKETS join the tribe. 

By staking your INKEE TRUNKET you will earn $TOOTS. You can use those $TOOTS to upgrade to a full 3D modeled and rendered high resolution version of your TRUNKET. This 3D TRUNKET will be rigged for animation, suitable for upgrading with emote animations, or for use in any of the Elephantopian games.



Warm Hu’k and molten hot Gjiia go hand in hand, and the best place to get them is The Ivory Bar. You will find this hidden gem nestled away in the dark and moody back alleys of the French Quarter.

Serving the region's best locally sourced Tuskan cuisine, its decor is an ode to the Elephantopian landscape, from the deep dark trenches to the molten hot peaks of Mount Molta - it has everything you could wish for. So pick a stool at the bar or sit by the fire and enjoy the mostly respectable ambience. If you believe the rumors, there is a suspicious character in the basement that guards the entrance to 'The Pipes'.
A lawless underbelly of sewer systems where the brave engage in outlawed activities like Trunk Wrestling.
Stay clear!


Elephantopian Racing!  We will have your TRUNKET racing a car and competing for prize money $TOOTS. By winning and earning $TOOTS, you will be able to level up your TRUNKETS, create bespoke looks with outfits, accessories and swag. As you level up and get more cred, you will have easier access to exclusive events.

Elephantopia is the creative offspring of the Alt Group.

The Alt Group is a collective of Artists, Animators, Technologists, and Developers.

Specialists in high-end visual FX and creature design for film and television, and experts in creating digital experiences in virtual reality, augmented reality and online gaming. 

The Alt Group is at the front of the Metaverse. We believe in its future and are carving out our piece to inhabit with our friends and colleagues, on our terms. 

We are inviting a limited number of people to join us. 

Very limited.

El Stompo
The Chieftain

Oh Captain, my Captain! Artist, entrepreneur and mover of mountains, his fearless exploration led to the discovery of the ancient land of Elephantopia.

Decades of VFX experience across thousands of projects for the world’s leading brands, agencies and filmmakers, El Stompo has the magic to make our dreams a reality. 

Elefunk McInnes
The Bald Eagle

From high on his perch, his sharp eyes see all that goes on within Elephantopia.

A CG expert, he is the wind beneath the wings of what Elephantopia will become. Rigging, animation, visual effects - every NFT will be touched by the Bald Eagle’s hands. 

Tusky Two Names
Lord of the Discord

A life spent in gaming and technology has given Tusky a sparkle much lost in the eyes of many across the lands.

But for Elephantopia, he rallies the community and amplifies the toots from above. 

The Man with the Golden Touch

Resident 2D artist, illustrator, and trilby-wearing kook.

An illustrator for everyone from MAD Magazine to Alt.vfx,
he dips his quill and gives life to the Elephantopia legend.

His artistry can be found in commercials, film and television, and now, right here in the Metaverse. 

TBone Tuskadero
The Midfield General

Executive Director who has worked on everything from The Lego Movie to multiple projects with tech giants like Meta and Snapchat.

It’s a jungle out there and someone has to bring the tribes together to make Elephantopia come alive. 

Ray Gun
The Storm Tooter

Gamer, creative technologist and avid NFT collector, his love of pop culture is surpassed only by his love of all things Metaverse.

From AR/VR/XR and all things in between, this wise and experienced member of the tribe brings expertise and knowledge to act as a guiding hand for the trunks of Elephantopia. 

Rainbow Sesi
Stardust and Dreams

Genius comes in many forms, and in the case of Rainbow Sesi it comes in a multitude of colors, painted across the skies of Elephantopia.

If it’s tech-related, he knows how to solve it. Every tribe needs one. An avid gamer, a passionate technologist, and all round tech-whizz that powers behind-the-scenes.

El Kamino
The Queen

Queen of the jungle, the secret ingredient that makes the sun shine on the tribes of Elephantopia.

From marketing to production to fostering a tribe of her own, El Kamino is the lady to keep the tusky train on track.

Tartan Tusk
‍‍Toot Sweet

Tartan Tusk has roamed the lands, gathering experience
and ideas from all four corners of the globe, before bringing his massive trunk to sniff out the possibilities in Elephantopia. 


In the age before the time of men, the four corners of the world were ruled by the Animals who lived without fear and amongst nature in perfect harmony for many centuries. 

When the first beast was slain by human hand, the shocking news echoed across the vines of the world. The great elephant king Gajendra of the EKON tribe, sent a call to each one of the four ancient elephant tribes.

Gajendra’s impassioned call was heard by all, and they gathered in a secret ancient place, where they could regroup and rebuild with each tribe bringing their own special qualities to this new herd.  

From the North, the EKON tribe brought their strength and power. 

From the South, the NALA tribe brought their strategy and intelligence. 

From the West, The DULA tribe brought their courage and bravery.

From the East, The HISA tribe brought their endurance and resilience.

For many generations, the herd prospered far from the eyes of man, finding ways to live harmoniously, building a society that gave birth to many legends, stories and myths that carried into the worldly religions and imagined histories of man. 

Learned whispers and human lore would say that Elephantopia still exists...somewhere in the Metaverse.

The EKON began as Elephantopia's miners, tasked with finding the raw materials needed to build the new world.

Settling on the volcanic rim of the islands north they began to mine under Mt Molta, a notoriously unstable volcanic area.

The Ekon are the oldest and most revered of all the Elephantopians, they learnt to blacksmith, working the precious metals they took from beneath the mountain.

Through decades of digging, the Ekon evolved into the biggest and toughest of all the tribes. Volcanic rock, and thick sulfurous air has hardened and thickened the Ekon's skin allowing them to live deeper and deeper below the surface. 

Inside the dark tunnels of Mt Molta, the air is thin, the ground is hot, and the volcanic eruptions are frequent. 

No one knows how deep the tunnels go, or what they may have found at the bottom.

The NALA are respected seafarers, sea merchants and explorers.

They live off the water and have learnt to harness the wind for speed. 

They control  the main trade routes in the lawless-seas between Elephantopia and the Mammoth Archipelago. 

While they were merchants by trade, some chose a life of piracy, buccaneering and living a life in exile in the Mammoth Isles, rather than pursue honest mercantilism.

Their capital Nggoko is a huge floating raft of pile dwellings, situated in Tuskany Cove. It is not a friendly place, however if you are in need of a navigator, go no further. Although no longer always on the sea, most Nalians still worship the ocean and the bounty it provides.

They will stop at nothing to find the treasures rumored to be hidden throughout the area.

The HISA live in the deep dark heart of the “Mist’uk Forest”, an insanely dense and unforgiving jungle. 

The Hisa have built a complex network of treehouses and bunkers high in the trees to protect them from the many threats of Elephantopia.

The defensive tier of the Hisa militia have become guerrilla survivalists who specialize in living off the land while developing heightened levels of perception.

While venturing into the forest, you are always being watched, as every shadow can hide a Hisa.

The DULA tribe is a nomadic desert race of outlaws who inhabit the hot, dry desert region of the Knu’rt Desert.

Beginning as a few outcasts, they banded together with other lost souls, and have now created a thriving but secret stronghold. 

As they are constantly at the mercy of relentless dust storms, they have developed heightened levels of resilience and versatility.

Out of necessity, the Dula have gained incredible skill as foragers, being able to use their skills of survival to build things out of what other tribes would call scraps.